If God’s love isn’t unfailing for all, then it isn’t unfailing at all. If God’s love fails for just one person, then he is not Love because Love never fails.

Tell me, how does God express his unfailing love to those in hell?

In my book, I propose that the only means through which unfailing Love could be expressed, by God to humanity, is through the perpetual availability of his grace. Moreover, if grace ever becomes unavailable for anyone, at that moment, God’s grace is no longer unfailing and justice can no longer be brought to victory.

Unfortunately, when it comes to justice, most Christian’s think about what we deserve for our actions. We make it all about us rather than about Jesus. The more important question pertains to Jesus, not us: What does Jesus deserve?

When someone dies in their sins, they do Jesus more of an injustice than they do themselves. They owe Jesus a debt that cannot be rectified by Endless Conscious Torment or annihilation. Jesus deserves everybody’s faith and love. He died for it, after all. Until all are finally drawn to the cross, until all, in the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God the Father, declare that Jesus is LORD, justice will not have been brought to victory. Until everything in heaven and on earth (above and below) are reconciled by the blood of the cross, all things will not have been set right and the cross has suffered defeat.