I will be launching a podcast in the near future. It will be entitled the Test All Things podcast. Between each episode, there will be a Q&A session for the previous episode. I am looking for cohosts for each Q&A session. If you are interested, please contact me.

I will release one episode for each chapter of my book, beginning with chapter 3. If you’d like to cohost a particular chapter’s Q&A session, I will reserve it for you.

The first episode is an introductory episode and will not have a Q&A session. I am currently working on the content for Episode 2 (Chapter 3: Heretically Orthodox Faith). I will publish 2 episode per week. The first week will be three: introductory episode, main episode, and Q&A episode. If you reserve a latter chapter, it may be a while before we do it.

I will be seeking cohosts continuously. If you prefer a particular chapter, reserve it ASAP. Note: You will have an opportunity to mention any of your writings or projects. 

“Until next time . . . Shalom be unto you.” {closing phrase :)}

Also, I will be having a book interview with the Wandering Pilgrim’s broadcast on YouTube at 9pm EST. I have created an event in my author page where you can say that you will be attending so that you will be notified beforehand. To do so click here!