Since I firmly believe in the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, I am often asked, “Will Hitler be in heaven?” This question is often asked as a rhetorical question. Many assume that the answer is emphatically: No!; if not a “Hell no!” If anyone deserves to suffer forever, it is him. Right?!

Although the Bible states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, it never states that endless postmortem suffering is our due justice. Nevertheless, many assume that it is necessarily true. This presupposition is the primary subject matter in my book: Hell in a Nutshell- The Mystery of His Will.

The question remains: Will Hitler be in heaven? To that, my answer is no. Hitler will not be in heaven, neither is he saved, anymore than Saul is saved or in heaven. Hitler will be, is being, or has become utterly destroyed just as Saul was necessarily laid to waste in order to make way for the restoration of Paul.

The Bible declares that God will reconcile all things through the blood of Christ. He has decreed that everyone will be subjected to Jesus in the same manner that Jesus will subject himself to the Father. Only then will the Father become all-in-all/everything-to-everyone.

Do you have a problem with the reconciliation of any sinner in particular? If so, you should contest the salvation of the self-identified chief of sinners: the Apostle Paul. Who are you, oh man, to question the soverign will of God, which has to do with the reconciliation/restoration of all things in heaven and on earth? 

Who am I? I am but one ambassador of the Kingdom of God — one, among many, who is following his calling in our ministry of reconciliation. Are you doing the same? Or, are you protesting the reconciliation of any sinner in particular? Hell has been defeated. It is subject to God and it will serve him as he brings about the restoration of us all.