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Is a doctrine of everlasting punishment in hell consistent with God’s perfect love and perfect justice? And what implications does this traditional doctrine carry for the nature of divine grace and mercy. In Hell in a Nutshell Charles Watson, Sr., argues that we should not allow a received doctrine, such as the doctrine of hell, to determine our understanding of God’s justice, love, and mercy; instead, we should allow a biblically informed understanding of these divine attributes to shape our understanding of every received doctrine, including the doctrine of hell.


“What might happen if instead of pushing and squeezing our doctrine of God to fit into our off-the-shelf doctrine of hell, we flip things around and allow the biblical revelation of God to inform the way we think about final judgment? What does hell look like when we see it in the light of the holy love of God? Charles Watson invited us to explore that question in this very readable and gently provocative book. It may not answer all your questions, but it will certainly make you think!”
—Robin A. Parry, author of The Evangelical Universalist

“Hell In A Nutshell is a welcomed and concise read for anyone troubled by an eternal hell. Charles Watson challenges us to think for ourselves –to obey Paul’s exhortation to test all things—which includes hell. He argues for ultimate reconciliation with humility and sound reasoning that is well justified in Scripture. His thoughts are profound and rich—you cannot absorb it all in one read. He says a lot in a few words. I highly recommend it.”
—Gerry Beauchemin, Director of dental training for missions; Missionary, Author of Hope Beyond Hell

“Hell in a Nutshell is an outstanding book in that it rests on a strong philosophical foundation. He contends the doctrine of eternal conscious torment (ECT) in hell defies logic: “Ultimately it all boils down to . . . only two options: Either the validity of ECT determines whether . . . God’s grace and mercy are immutable, or the immutability of his grace and mercy determines whether . . . ECT is valid. Only one can be true since the two are mutually exclusive.”
—Boyd C. Purcell, PhD, Board-Certified Chaplain; Licensed Professional Counselor; Author of Spiritual Terrorism and Christianity Without Insanity

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